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I have returned many clients to work as a result of accessing, either directly (cold calls) or indirectly (networking), but cannot think of any other ocassion when a job was created as a result of a cold call. My client is very excited about this opportunity in a new field and I will no longer feel like a broken record preaching about THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET….Amen! Continue reading

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Jobless during the holidays? There is hope.

It can be hard to find joy when unemployed during the holidays…
But it is possible. Continue reading

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Unethical or Illegal for Hiring Manager to Give Certain Tests?

The bottom line is, if you want the job – take the test!
Continue reading

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What are your career concerns?

A place to post your career concerns and get some helpful feedback and advice. Continue reading

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You lost your job! Now what?

You lost your job (the reason doesn’t really matter so much at this point does it). What do you do? Continue reading

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Communication is key…

It is important to be available by phone as much as possible. Often employers won’t leave messages – they will simply make the next call!

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Dare to Dream of Change

Dare to Dream of Change

No matter where you live, if you want to change careers you have to do your homework and make this goal your part time job!

Ensure that you have the resources you need to move toward your goal.

Begin networking toward your goal either before or while you are acquiring the knowledge, skills, and abilities you need to obtain a job in your new career.

Actively look for work PRIOR to attaining all of the knowledge, skills, and abilities you need.

Celebrate with all those who helped to get you where you are…

Congratulations on your courage to dream and your dedication to the hard work it takes to get there!

Read the full article: https://marysevinsky.wordpress.com/ Continue reading

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