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Phone Interview Advice: What to Do Before and During the Interview

• Have these items ready and in front of you: your résumé, job description, questions to ask the employer, notes about the company, and your calendar/schedule.
• Ask a career counselor, HR professional, or even a reliable friend to practice a telephone interview with you. Get feedback on your answers, voice inflections and any recurring flaws in your speech, (“like”, “um”, “er”, and “uh”).
• Be ready to give examples of your accomplishments and previous work experiences.
• Sell yourself in every response.
• Write down the name(s) of your interviewer(s) so you can refer to them by name, and write them a Thank You note afterwards. Continue reading

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The Best College Grad Job Search Sites – Vol 1

A little humor for this post, but seriously, you will need to find a job once you graduate (or step it up a notch if you’ve already graduated). Following the trend of some of my other posts, I thought it would be a great idea to list the best college grad job search sites. Just to be clear, there was no voting, no analysis, no surveys and no criteria. This list is simply based on my view. Also, there is no particular order to my list (like the best of the best or official ranking). I will, where appropriate, mention those that are in my top ten. Continue reading

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What are your career concerns?

A place to post your career concerns and get some helpful feedback and advice. Continue reading

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Sent Resume & Followed Up But Still No Word!

Follow up is a fine art. You must straddle the thin line between being perceived as tenacious and not pesky. You will have more impact if you call or speak to the employer in person, depending on the industry and/or the company’s environment. Continue reading

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My References Won’t Return My Calls!

References are important AND difficult to control. What mode of communication is favored by your former employer: email, letter, fax, phone? Continue reading

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Past Employer Went Out of Business – Affect My Job Search?

Your employer being out of business may pose challenges to providing references or completing applications. Continue reading

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I don’t want them to call my former colleague!

Dig deep. If possible call the ex-coworker to indicate that you spoke with the prospective employer, who highlighted their relationship. Note that you had your differences, but always respected him/her for her [insert here: honesty, directness, hard work, diligence – whatever descriptor that would be apt AND make it hard not to reference your good work skills]. Continue reading

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