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Why Should I Join LinkedIn?

If you haven’t joined LinkedIn by now, you should. There are over 65 million professionals involved in LinkedIn, making it the most significant online business network around. Don’t make the mistake of thinking of it in the same terms as Facebook or Twitter (although they have their place). And don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s only for job searchers (but it’s fantastic for that). LinkedIn is a rock-solid, uniquely valuable, free tool for your career. Continue reading

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What are your career concerns?

A place to post your career concerns and get some helpful feedback and advice. Continue reading

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Want to Take Night Course, But Have to Ask to Leave Early

It is always good to consider your interests when planning for your future! Four months is a relatively short time with your current employer, but if you approach it correctly you may be able to arrange to follow your dreams. Continue reading

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I Can’t Sell Myself, Am I Destined to Be Unemployed Forever?

How do I convince someone I’m a good hire when I’M not convinced? I struggle to write anything good in cover letters because I don’t know what to say without sounding A) fake or B) full-of-myself. I don’t go to networking events because I’m terrible at talking with strangers. What can I do? Continue reading

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Can I Network Via Blogs?

It is great you are using technology – for a list of helpful, categorized sites look to the right and scroll down. Start with your personal branding statement – who are you and how do you want to present yourself ( you might find my article on personal branding helpful)? Then share that information regularly and seek to follow others who may help you. Here are some brief tips on how you can use each: Continue reading

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Personal Branding and Social Networking

Personal branding can be something as simple as a title or label: o General Contractor o CEO o Stay at Home Mom o Nurse These “tags” allow others to immediately know something about who we are and what we do. … Continue reading

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