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I have returned many clients to work as a result of accessing, either directly (cold calls) or indirectly (networking), but cannot think of any other ocassion when a job was created as a result of a cold call. My client is very excited about this opportunity in a new field and I will no longer feel like a broken record preaching about THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET….Amen! Continue reading

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I am just coming from a career fair, here in Delaware and saw or heard many of the scenarios outlined below. A few I added from other career fair experiences, but not many! This is no commentary on Delawareans or those seeking to work in Delaware – I commonly see and hear many of these egregious examples at job fairs I attend across the region.

This article was meant to be tongue in cheek and not to offend anyone. That having been said, if you are guilty of any of the preceding: Don’t do it again! Good Luck on your job search…. Continue reading

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8 Ways To Make A Great Interview First Impression

First impressions are especially critical in an interview. Why do so few people do anything to manage the first impression they give, when research shows that most hiring decisions are made based on first impressions in the first 2-30 seconds Continue reading

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The Problem with Getting Champagne-Quality Talent on a Beer Budget

s recruiters in a sluggish economy, I’m sure there are plenty of stories out there about how companies are looking to obtain top talent at bargain prices. Kind of like having “champagne tastes” while only wanting to pay for a beer. I’d like to address this with the hope of providing some education and also learning what some best practices might be to combat this. As a recruiter that has been through many different markets, I know the downside of this type of hiring practice. In most cases, it is an unhappy ending for the company… and a frustrating experience for the candidate. Continue reading

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Why Should I Join LinkedIn?

If you haven’t joined LinkedIn by now, you should. There are over 65 million professionals involved in LinkedIn, making it the most significant online business network around. Don’t make the mistake of thinking of it in the same terms as Facebook or Twitter (although they have their place). And don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s only for job searchers (but it’s fantastic for that). LinkedIn is a rock-solid, uniquely valuable, free tool for your career. Continue reading

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Who’s Hiring from the Most Admired Companies – Vol 14

Author Byline: CareerAlley Author Website: http://Careeralley.com “Whatever you have, you must either use or lose.” – Henry Ford I had drinks with a former co-worker the other day who has been out of work for over a year. I’m sure … Continue reading

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Extreme job change: One woman’s story

It is very encouraging to see people that not only are able to find employment, but able to secure positions that they would have never considered a few short months ago and in which they will find happiness. As adults, we spend a large part of our lives working – why not plan to enjoy it? Continue reading

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