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How to work at home

Overall, working from home can be a positive and rewarding experience for you, your family, and your employer, if you follow a few simple tips. Continue reading

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What are your career concerns?

A place to post your career concerns and get some helpful feedback and advice. Continue reading

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Six tips for women in the workplace

In a negative work situation you may be able to figure out the real agenda and who is responsible, but it won’t change the bottom line: This job is not a good fit for you and your family. Once you accept the need for a change and plan to do so, you will find that the stress and pressure you are feeling will disappear almost immediately….Do it today! Continue reading

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How Do I Explain my other job?

I was at an interview last week with a company for a sales job, I was doing great in the interview and then they mentioned the occasional need to travel on the weekends. This wasn’t in the job description online…The truth is, I’m a male stripper. Continue reading

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