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Looking for work is not easy, pleasant, or fun in the best of circumstances.  That having been said, it is most often under the worst of circumstances that most find themselves doing just that.  Job search becomes a frenzied half- or not- planned scramble to find the most recent résumé, update it, and figure out how to go about finding work NOW!

This sense of urgency further erodes the potential for success in filling the void that the desperate job seeker needs to fill immediately.  Visions of quickly mounting bills, loved one’s disappointment, and a resounding sense of failure are not the final nails in the coffin:  Rejection, rejection, rejection from employer after employer fills that bill.

A better scenario reveals an employee who keeps his or her skills current and keeps track of trainings, presentations, and accomplishments.  A résumé or portfolio can then be quickly updated for job search or promotion purposes.  This level of preparedness imparts self-confidence and a sense of control that can make all the difference in an organized and purposeful job search.

Best is the worker who has an updated résumé, complete with details that shout out qualifications, skills, and accomplishments that any employer (including one’s current) would vie over!  The best advice is to be prepared for and be periodically seeking employment opportunities throughout one’s career.

A prepared worker will create job security by confirming his or her employability and/or commitment to the current employer and position.  An up to date résumé provides quick fodder to toss in the direction of superiors and/or potential employers.  Periodically reviewing employment options keeps one abreast of changes in specific fields, industries, or geographic areas.

A regular review of the labor market will also provide clues to knowledge, skills, and abilities that are in demand in given areas.  Keeping current will make one more marketable at work and in the Labor Market in general.

In summary a few points for everyone to ponder, employed or not:

  1. Keep knowledge skills and abilities current
  2. Know the trends in one’s field, industry, and labor market
  3. Communicate  assets to superiors and potential employers
  4. Ensure one’s résumé is current
  5. Future topics include a more in depth exploration of the above points and:
  • Why everyone needs a résumé
  • Job Search Strategies
  • How to overcome obstacles in looking for work
  • Overcoming a depressed labor market
  • Maintaining employment
  • Answers to readers’ specific questions.  Email:  LifeWorks@mail.com

Website:  www.Life-Works.Info

Injured Workers:  www.InjuredWorkerHelpDesk.com

Job Seekers:  www.JobSearchForTheRestOfUs.com

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