8 Ways To Make A Great Interview First Impression

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“You Never Get a Third Chance to Make a Second Impression.” I love this quote from Seth Godin (from Free Prize Inside, pg. 217), about how important first impressions are for job seekers.

First impressions are especially critical in an interview. Why do so few people do anything to manage the first impression they give, when research shows that most hiring decisions are made based on first impressions in the first 2-30 seconds (see Interview In A Snap http://recareered.blogspot.com/2010/05/interview-in-snap.html for details). Most people treat the most important part of an interview as a random event, when it can be planned and managed to give the candidate a high chance of success.

Most candidates just make sure they are completely indistinguishable – their clothes are clean, hair is brushed, and their shoes are shined. If you want the job, wouldn’t you want to stand out?

A few people can pull this off naturally, and are great in interviews. Often, these naturals are very attractive, great at putting other people at ease immediately, instantly likable, or really naturally funny.

What about the rest of us?

Standing Out In An Interview:

You don’t have to be America’s Top Model or a stand up comedian. First impressions can be managed. Managing and carefully creating a first impression takes research, planning and practice.

1. Act the part …
2. Research …
3. Create the impression of “fitting in” …
4. Look for the following to understand culture …

( Continued … )

Learn 8 ways to make a great interview first impression …

Article: http://recareered.blogspot.com/2010/07/8-ways-to-make-great-interview-first.html
Source: http://recareered.blogspot.com

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  1. you can also get some career advise from your teacher or even from professionals ~-*

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