What’s the Deal With Objective Statements on Resumes?


October 20, 2009 by sparktalk

Dear Experts,

My name is Erica and I am just starting to get familiar with Twitter. All of your posts on Twitter are very interesting and I enjoy reading your career tips. I was wondering what your experts say about objective statements on resumes; I’ve received various responses from professors and elders, and was wondering what you all had to say?


I hate to say it, but:  It depends!  For the most part your objective in sending a resume is pretty well understood.  You want to be hired!  Unless you know exactly what the employer is looking for and know you have it, you probably don’t need an objective statement.

Use a Profile or Summary statement instead.  Better yet a short bullet list of the skills and knowledge that make you most attractive to an employer.  I am a huge fan of the functional resume anyway and think that in most circumstance it works quite well.

A Profile or Summary section at the top can help insure the employer continues reading rather than screen you out of the potential interview pool.  You will want to make the bullet points as specific as possible in order to grab and keep the attention of the reader.  If it is too vague  your resume will end up in the can…

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About Mary Sherwood Sevinsky

Masters-prepared Certified Disability Management Specialist. Over eighteen years experience in vocational assessment, counseling, and testimony, primarily in rehabilitation services.
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