Need to Announce Promotion Via E-mail, But How


October 19, 2009 by sparktalk

Dear Experts,

I’ve been asked to write an e-mail announcing a promotion of one person to a management role. As a result, all his peers will now be reporting to him. I am supposed to write this as a ‘congratulations’ e-mail but also outline the new reporting status. This seems really odd to me because all of these people will be finding out their peer is now their boss for the first time via this e-mail. Any suggestions on how to do this effectively?


I have seen promotion announcements handled this way with disastrous results more often than not.  Depending on your position, I would recommend a frank discussion of your concerns with the requestor.  Come armed with suggestions on alternate ways to handle the announcement.

This might be better handled with individual, back to back meetings or an in person announcement at a prescheduled meeting. Consider the individuals and the circumstances in that particular department or area.  Any meeting explanations should be positive.  Whomever is making the announcement should be prepared to answer questions and be comfortable and upbeat.

If you do have to write the email (I hope it will be sent by someone else!) lay the ground work for the news to be received as positively as possible.  Highlight the benefits and minimize any negative aspects of the change that you can think of.   Good Luck!

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