Sent Resume & Followed Up But Still No Word!

October 6, 2009 by sparktalk


Dear Experts, I have sent in a resume for a job that I really want and followed up with an e-mail to verify the man hiring has received it but still no word. What would the appropriate next step be?


Follow up is a fine art. You must straddle the thin line between being perceived as tenacious and not pesky. You will have more impact if you call or speak to the employer in person, depending on the industry and/or the company’s environment.

If you reach voice mail, thank the employer for acknowledging receipt of your resume, indicate your sincere interest in the position and ask for an interview.

Call periodically until you are able to talk to him in person. Don’t leave a message more than every other day or every third day. When you do leave a message, have a reason for calling.

If you already asked for an interview, ask when the closing date for applications is or when he anticipates beginning the interview process, if you can supply additional information or references, etc.

Try to befriend the receptionist and obtain more information about the position and/or what the best way or times to reach the hiring manager.

After a few voicemail, send a hand written note thanking the employer for taking the time to review your credentials and expressing your sincere interest in the position. Let him know you are available to interview at his convenience at his earliest convenience.

Beyond this last step you will just need to be patient! Make sure you are available by phone and email to receive the request to schedule an interview!

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About Mary Sherwood Sevinsky

Masters-prepared Certified Disability Management Specialist. Over eighteen years experience in vocational assessment, counseling, and testimony, primarily in rehabilitation services.
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