Bullied On-the-Job…How Do I Fight Back?

September 18, 2009 by sparktalk

Dear Experts,

I see workplace bullying as an increasing trend…especially, since it happened to me. It happened at my previous job with my supervisor. She would humiliate me and degrade me, while upper management did nothing.

I ended up getting laid off when cuts were made. What can one do to protect themselves from this?


Be proactive in dealing with any negative workplace issues. Use standard business etiquette to do what you can to resolve the issue:

Clearly tell the offending person your issue with him or her and ask them to stop. For example, “That statement was humiliating and unnecessary. That is not appropriate and I am asking you to stop making these types of statements in the future.”

On next offense put your concerns in writing and notify the bully that if it happens again you will share your concerns with your supervisor. If the offender is your supervisor note that you will share your concerns with their supervisor.

If it happens again, follow through and contact the appropriate next level supervisor. Notify this person in writing if it happens again.

If there is a human resource department, a conversation with the director at the onset and updating on the above process will usually resolve the issue pretty quickly.

Life is too short to work in a negative environment – start looking for a position in a different department or company if you are forced to put your concerns in writing.

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About Mary Sherwood Sevinsky

Masters-prepared Certified Disability Management Specialist. Over eighteen years experience in vocational assessment, counseling, and testimony, primarily in rehabilitation services.
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